Storm King's Pathfinder

An Orc, Satyr, and a Druid.

We arrive at calling horns by mid day, a small town with not a lot going on. we decide to stay the night so We go to the inn and we see the innkeeper that we now know is also the mayor. As Ghent grabs a table. The innkeeper tells us that they’re having trouble with trolls and offers us 100 gold per troll head that we bring to her. Looking around the inn. we see a Armed and armored man Come in Who also wore the symbol of 2 bull horns.As he comes in he looks around at us and at the other patrons and just stands around, Guarding. After everyone has gotten their drink Okkam makes a toast. Ford Jaelyn and Nazca’s union. As we were eating we begin to talk with Nazca who can more or less only speak elven, discussing what our next move was some of us wanted to go after the trolls, but I remind them of what happened last time we went on a side quest. We’re having this discussion in elvish. The innkeeper and the guard began looking at us strangely so we decided to switch back to common. The next day we decide to go to Noanar’s hold the innkeeper told us to speak with Harle; so We headed east to go speak with Harle at his farm, we learned that Noanar’s hold is ruled by four nobles That enthralled their people using fear, as a group we thought going to Noanar’s hold might be a bad idea so we decided to just Skirt around it, And continue our path to the shadowtop cathedral.

When we got to the High forest Jaelyn and Nazca seems to connected to it something I never felt I could do, but then I never had a good grip on magic or the spirituality of nature. We travailed a bit farther the stopped to make camp for the night, the next day we saw some footprints on the ground Jaelyn could tell some of them were Elven and I could see some were Orcish; when I was trying to see which way they went an arrow hit the tree next to me, an Half-orc woman in a tree yelled " YOU, JANUS YOU, I HATE YOU." I did not know who this was but she did ware outfit that some of our hunters wore in my tribe, her name is Korogelen and from what she told us, it seems that I ruined her dress she needed for her coming of age ceremony though I still don’t remember her or if I was the one who ruined her dress; she told me that if I offer her a trophy she would forgive me, we did not have anything that would be a suitable trophy so I offer to get a boon from the treant that lives in this forest she said this is something she could accept after she vanished into the forest.When we made it to shadowtop cathedral we saw a satyr playing his pan-flute, we approached him and ask if he had seen the treant or Aerglas he told us that the treant Turlang would be back soon but that he was too sad to remember where Aerglas is; we asked why he was so sad, he told us that he was to meet his love, a dryad, at the pond but she never showed up we told him that we will talk to her on his behalf to find out why she did not meet him at the pond. when we got to the pond we saw evidence of a struggle from what I could tell one set was from an elf and then one of them was dragged off, following the drag mark we found a cave;Jaelyn, Naazca and I snuck into the cave we got to a bend in the tunnel as I looked around it I saw an elf standing over an hurt dryad I told Jaelyn what I saw and he in turn went to tell the others who were standing at the cave opening. Okkam misjudging the situation walk around the bend and ask if the dryad needed help; the elf seeing Okkam set him ablaze engulfing him in a column of fire, yelling in a a language I did not know except for one thing “Aerglas.” Seeing that he was hostile and is or knew Aerglas I ran up and struck him with the flat of my blade then Jaelyn and Okkam did the same in turn as Alyss and Nazca healed them, Ghent came in and shot a bolt of lightning at the elf which was the final push we needed to knock him out; I chained him up and gagged him then we took him and the dryad back the the satyr to which he lead us back to the dryad’s tree, we stayed a bit to make sure she was okay then we went back to the clearing where we first saw the satyr to wait for Turlang.

Zhentarim and 3 giants
Session 006-007

we stood in the standing facing the town guards trying to talk our way out we heard a lot of
movement out side of the door okkam was baring, but it did not seem that we will be able to say anything that will help our case. Alyss put the guard to sleep I grabbed my two swords off of him just before the rest of the guards broke though as they did I notice that they all wore the symbol of the zhentarim Nazca must have also notice the symbol because she ripped the throat of the sleeping guard as okkam cleved his way out to hallway, a wave of arrows came fying into the room as we were fighting hitting Alyss and Nazca, Jaelyn move to the window and let out a breath of fog that obscured the view of all of the archers that were position outside; one of the guards in the hallway yelled “my lady it is time” as the doors of the room across from swung open to reveal a woman mage casting at that moment she finished her fireball spell sending into the room we were in most of us found some form of cover Alyss was not so lucky she fell to the floor, a moment later Alyss floated up and we heard what sounded like Ghent say “Hey, guys” as Alyss’s body moved to and out the window and moved upward.Okkam seeing the the mage as the biggest threat ran at her as the guards swung ineffectually at him, as Okkam impaled the mage she let of a wild fireball that went out the window and damaged another building caching it on fire as well. slowly we killed the Zhentarim one by one, okkam was fending off three of them as
a wave of color came from the window causing the Zhentarim to drop their weapons and start to yell nonsensically about eating rainbows, before we could finish them off a new wave of zhentarim who all wore the Zhentarim symbol,one did not. the one who did not was captain Luruk she was the one who was leading the rest, as they ran up the stairs and swarmed us another spray of color came from the window dazing a small group of them one being the leader, Okkam lunged out and bit her grabbing her, in the process of holding her hostage we had her order her men to stand down and drop their weapons. We let them go, all of them ran way and left their town to burn, Ghent and I thought it was wise to look for anything that might be worth taking before the whole town burn down, taking a wagon and some horses as we made our way out of town.
miles away form womford we stopped to make camp for the night I went to Jaelyn to see if he can help me find a companion like Nazca, Jaelyn chuckled as he looked at Nazca then back to me but he agreed to help as we left Ghent shot a bolt of lightning at a tree.

After spending sometime in the wood I came upon a two headed wolf, seeing this did not disturbed me in fact I felt a connection with it; kneeling down and reaching out my hand the wolf slowly walk up to me, they stopped so that both heads can sniff my hand, seeing them up close I can tell only one controls the body, the head that does not has more ruffle fur and hard and wild eyes the other has softer eyes and looks more doglike then wolf. When Jaelyn came closer one head looked at him with no ill will and the other made a low growl ,as I look at them two names came to mind Origo and Finio

The next day we left along the road to we walked we heared loud pounding comeing from up ahaed all of us ran to the trees to hide exsept for ghent who made himself inviable as the sound got closer we saw three frost giants who some how knew we were coming Origo and Finio were the first to charged the giant and almost lost their heads for it Jaelyn turn into his lion form but this time his fur had a metallic like look to it. Alyss chanted something in the direction of Okkam which made him grow to the same size as the giants. As Okkam engaged the giants I made my way around them to get to Origo and Finio who had been knockout Ghent breaking his invisibility sent out a Lightning bolt that took the head off of one of the giants he sent another one at the second giant, Alyss formed a cloud of what looked like glitter at the giants blinding the leader Okkam killed the other giant in the end one of Jaelyn’s summons was the one who killed the giant leader.

At the town of Beliard Jaelyn, Okkam,and I went to the temple of helm to see if we can be healed the priest pored a potion into a blow and then spite into it he then told us to drink Jaelyn was the first as he drank we saw his wounds heal then it was Okkam turn then mine after Jealyn payed the priest 73PP to which the thanked us and offer healing potions in return, Jaelyn and Okkam went back to the inn but I stayed to talk to the priest about helm.

At the Inn Ghent spoke with some merchants who had lost everything to an giant attack, Ghent told them that we killed three of them just a few hours ago at that moment it made the whole Inn cheer as we showed one of the giant’s helm as proof, later we made a deal with the merchant Manthread and Grash to sale some of the loot we have been carrying around with us. later that night Jaelyn had us come with him to a field which he then made a circle out of flowers he then had us stand all around it as he lead Nazca to the middle and then started to tell us about his past of him and his people, of those of the unicorn blood, of the earth-mother, and of Kamerynn of the moonshae islends, at the end he began to cast a spell which turn Nazca into a elfen woman, Jaelyn introduce her as his mate,his wife, the two of them left for the night and returned in the morning as we sent Manthraed and Grash on their way and we made our way to Calling Horns.

Death of the wom-bat
Janus, Session 005

As we were in Goldenfield Jaelyn and I went to the market to see if we can find some healing potions, when we asked for them the shop keep said that the potion were 500 gold a bottle; but with my time in Nightstone helping the Summerhawk family I know that is way overpriced and we can make our own with right ingredients and know how, so we did not buy anything. The next day we were getting ready to go north to find the living tree’s friend, but I did not see Ghent with the other nor did they know where he went “maybe he left to find out more about the map piece we found, or had a different calling like Levi and Aesrill” I thought to myself.
Along the road to womford we broke for camp as dusk approached, I set up my trap as okkam made the camp fire, Jaelyn and Nazca go ready to go hunting, and Alyss got out a tea set from her bag; a bag that seemed to small to hold all the things she has. As we settled in we hear the same whispers that we heard in waterdeep, Jaelyn tried to see if any magic was at work as he turned to look around him he double over as if he was hit by something, seeing this I stood and when i did I felt a small pain in my back I turn to try to find what might have cause it, Okkam was the first to see them, the semi-transparent shadows Alyss began mumbling something then started to cackle. “I did not think witches actually did cackle, I just assume cackling was just added to the stories about witches to make them better.” Okkam was the first to kill one as he did the shadow was absorbed into his blade he did this with two others as he did the blade glowed a different color after each shadow killed, Jaelyn killed one with the help of Nazca and his summons. in the morning we found some sort of black sand, Okkam stabbed his blade down into the black sand the sand was drawn into the blade, under the sand we found gold and three potions there were also glass pieces it seemed that Okkam broke some when he stabbed down.
We made it to womford mid day we spent a moment at the Bargewright inn and took in the humorous name, after we went to the market to see if we can get potion at a better prices,but we came to the conclusion that any magic items we wish to buy will be expensive. We made our way to the Inn to rest for the night that is went we were told about the Womford Bat, think we can help the town we went out a night to hunt the Womford Bat. after hours of looking for signs of the Bat a pale man walked out from the shadows and offered to protect us from the Womford bat if we buy him a drink when wwe refused his offer he stared at Okkam and told him to attack me, Okkam overcame the compulsion and told us that he was some form of caster. I charged in and struck him with my blade in turn he lashed out at me, as he hit I could feel as if my energy was being saped out of me, Jaelyn shifted into a full form panther and enchanted Nazca, Okkam moved to flank him from behind, Alyss started to cackle. With our numbers and tactics we beet him without taking any more damage, upon defeat the man turn to mist and floated to the second floor of the Bargewright Inn, as we were about to climb up a guard stoped us and told us that there is no womford bat to which we told him that the man we now know is a vampire and is the Womford bat, not having time to reason with the guard we ran out of sight and climb up on a different side of the Inn once in side Okkam found a trapdoor going into the roof it was there we found the coffin, Okkam trusted his blade into the coffin as he did the vampire let out a blood curdling scream, upon hearing this the guards ran up to the room to see us standing there and Okamm moving the coffin down into the bedroom when the coffin was opened there was a dried old corpse the guards did not believe us so Okkam pushed out three of the four guard out of the room and locked the door.

After Nightstone

Okkam and I stood in the tower looking at a group of humans in wolf skin clothing along with about 15 wolfs as we talked with them it seemed that the elf attacked them as they were travailing. we decided to let them in and join the town of Nightstone, Morak was not happy at first but as the days passed the towns folk saw that the wolf tooth clan were great addition to the town. Seeing the clan work so well with the wolfs makes me think maybe I should find an animal companion of my own. It seems that I’m not the only one who is interested in the wolf tooth clan, Ghent took a shine to the chieftain daughter they are to be wed, I will admit I did not think that Ghent would be the kind to get married but he proved me wrong.
Jaelyn went to talk to the elf to see why the attacked the wolf clan and what happen with the orc warband, I don’t think it went well Jaelyn came back with a wound on his ear. after the wedding we decided to make our way to waterdeep to inform them of lady nandar passing.

As we walked to watherdeep we hear the sounds of battle, thinking someone is in need of help we rush around the side and come to see an orc fighting a frost giant and holding his own, but being pushed back to the rivers edge. running Okkam yells getting the giants attention in doing so the orc took advantage of the distraction and cut the giant leg and hefting it over and into the river, but as the giant’s last act it grabed at the orc and pulled the orc with him. The orc stab his blade into the ground halting his fall for the moment, Okkam calls out to the orc yelling “Father!” the orc we now know as Okkam II looked to his son and yelled that his blade can Defeat the “Shadow” before he fell with the giant into the river. Okkam III in his grief tries to repel down the cliff face but lacking the rope needed to make it down to the river he brakes down and sobs for his lost father. Soon after Okkam returns and pulls his fathers blade out of the ground and we make our way back to the road to watersdeep.
AS we walk Janus thinks to himself about the events his thoughts wander back to his tribe then to his mother and ending on his father, Janus never knew his father nor did his mother tell him about his father. Janus assume it might have been some traveler or merchant or it might have been some man thinking he was an adventurer and trip over a rock and killed himself, Janus was putting himself in a foul mood thinking who his father was and cleared his head casting the thoughts away as they arrived at waterdeep.

after we informed one of the nobles of lady nandars passing Jaelyn, Okkam, and I went to the church of Oghma and Deneir, Okkam went to set up a memorial for his father and Jaelyn went for support I guess. I went to the side of the church that was for Deneir and spoke with one of the priest of Deneir to see if they know of anything about the Secret library of Deneir,but he seemed to not know what I was talking about, getting no information on the library I decided to find out all I can about Deneir, the priset told me much about Dneir and even sold me a map of the sword coast. “I can see why She Worshiped Deneir” Janus thinks to himself

We went to Okkam father home only to find that it has been ransacked everything that could be broken was, Alyss looked at Okkam II’s blade and told us that it has magic from a another world.after the memorial for Okkam’s father and he dealt withe the taxes on his father home we set out north to Goldenfields.

In the center of town there was a great tree as we got closer I saw that it had a face I thought it was unsettling but Jaelyn was overjoyed to speak with it. It told us that his friend went missing and asked us if we can find him.

Onward and Upward

From Okkam:

The Storm giant towered over a lone obscured figure, battling on the edge of the cliff top. The epic battle waged back and forth. Finally the obscured figure was revealed, as Okkam the Second grabbed the Giant and hurled it over the precipace, but not before it could grab him in return to pull him down with it. He called out “Son, take my blade. For it can defeat the Shadow.” I lost much this day. I lost a loving Father, Mentor, Friend, and Confidant. He was all I had left in WaterDeep, and were it not for my newfound friends, and perhaps the Dark Fang clan, nothing left in the world. I’m now the disposessed. My only purpose, lies in working with my friends to get to the bottom of these malevolent machinations. I make this vow to you Father, I will wield your blade, and I will defeat the Shadow. I will go on to defeat any and all I find to have acted against us.

From Jaelyn

In Goldenfields…

As Jaelyn strolls along the tranquil streets of Goldenfields, he finds himself simply amazed… and somewhat humbled, at the depth of natural balance that this Atani enclave has accomplished. Here in a place dedicated to the Atani goddess Chauntea, whom has at times been associated with Earthmother Jannath, Jaelyn freely admits to himself that perhaps it was wrong to judge the Atani’s lack of appreciation for natural order solely by such places as Waterdeep.

To find even that the Enydiir, Treants as they are called here, working beside the Atani almost left Jaelyn speechless! The Cheysuli are a primal people, and their aspect of Earthmother Jannath is one of aggressive environmentalism, more akin to the Elhedel’s Silvanus rather than Chauntea. That an Enydiir of this place has called upon him for a service is a great honor, and as that service is to seek out a powerful Elhedel druid makes this hunt even more exciting!

In thinking about his conversation with the Enydiir, Jaelyn notices again the slight tingling in his ear, and is reminded of another thing the Enydiir mentioned… that he could no longer commune with the trees of Ardeep, for a darkness has taken root there. This only confirms his suspicions that the Ilythiiri, the dark elves as others call them, are about some foul business within those woods. Perhaps it was fate that they indeed did show their hand by injuring but not killing him, for they do not understand the meaning Cheysuli place in their bloodstone oaths. There will come a time when Jaelyn will return to hunt down and collect that stone, and he will answer with the spilling of blood as well against those who have brought silence to the forest and its true keepers.

Jaelyn’s thoughts of the forest soon turn to Nightstone, as he considers the circumstantial balance of a town that loses its defenders to giants and goblins, just to find new life infused by the arrival of the Atani Wolf Clan. Even the tribe and its wolf companions are a far cry from the relationship of Wolf Cheysu and their Liren, they nonetheless made him feel a bit homesick. He truly empathized with their tragedy, and was impressed with their courage and commitment to their values. The tribe chieftain even offered his daughter in marriage to Ghent, as a show if his commitment! Jaelyn hopes the tribe will be wise and safe until the time when they too will be invited to take their vengeance upon those in the forest that so harshly wronged them.

As his own mood turns a bit melancholy, Jaelyn thinks about his friend Okkam…Son of Okkam. While he has indeed looked forward to meeting the family of his trusted friend, the tragedy of the brief meeting will remain always in his thoughts. Truly an exceptional warrior was Okkam…Father of Okkam to face down and defeat in single combat a mighty frost giant warrior! Although Okkam-son now embraces the grief of witnessing his sire’s passing, it is hoped that time will ease that pain, but leave the triumph of witnessing his father’s great victory intact. This again seems one of the “fated times” as that strangely smoking blade has now been passed from father to son, along with a warning against something of the shadows. Whatever this warning portends, Jaelyn intends to be there to assist his friend in overcoming it.

But for now there remains a pile of elven leather to challenge his meager armor crafting skills, and a hope that possibly an elven leatherworker might be found here within Goldenfields that might further his training in shaping it into forms suitable for Cheysuli to use.

And there is also the matter of tending to his damage ear, something he is hoping that one of the priests or resident druids can attend to with a healing spell.

From Alyss

Camped outside the city now. There’s been a lot of yelling back and forth. The wolf-clan chieftain is pleading for entry, the people in the city are understandably worried. The chieftain is not exactly eloquent, but earnest in his pleading. Was starting to think I’d have to step in and resolve the situation, locked eyes on one of the people in the towers who seemed to be in charge, and was getting ready for a bit of magical persuasion. Didn’t have to, it was that moment that the people in the city agreed to lower the gate and let them in.

City looks like it had been attacked recently. Buildings with boulder-sized holes in them, recently dug graves, and a lot fewer people than I’d expect in a town this size. Word is that the local ruler was killed in the attack. I spotted a fellow who seemed to have taken some sort of command. Okkam III was his name, and you know when someone’s name includes a number he must be someone important, or at least want people to think he is. Tall fellow, half-orc by the looks of it, with a very shiny sword and armor that must have cost a fortune. Spoke with him a bit. Seems to have a decent head on his shoulders despite first appearances.

He told me quite a story, about giants in a flying castle (!!!) who had attacked this town, and stolen something the locals called a “Nightstone” from the center of the town. They’d actually named the town after it. (Wonder if they’ll have to rename the town now?) You hear about this happening from time to time, a town finds a rock that looks like a face or an interestingly-shaped tree stump and names the town after it for lack of anything better. Don’t usually hear about giants in a flying castle stealing it, though, so this rock might have been something unusual after all.

I had a look at where the stone used to be. I gave them my professional opinion as a witch that there was indeed once a thing there, and that thing isn’t there anymore. If they want me to say what the thing was, they’re going to have to get it back so I can look at it, not just where it was.

The wolf-clan are fitting in well. There’s a lot of room for them in this town, even before the giants attacked this place was hardly crowded. The city fold may look down on these barbarians, but they’re quite willing to do the hard work of tilling fields and building houses that needs to be done if they’re going to live here. I’m hoping this community will survive, maybe even prosper if those damn elves keep their distance.

There’s going to be a wedding! The cheiftain had offered up his daughter for marriage for entry to the city. Well, the local ruler was dead, so there was nobody official to marry her, and I think they may have been a bit disappointed that their brave offer was going for nothing. Today a friend of Okkam III (musn’t forget the number, it’s important to him) offered to marry her. Human fellow named Ghent. White hair, but he’s no witch. A bit much swagger to him, I don’t think I like him much. But, a wedding is a happy and sacred event, and a nice change after all the death lately.

Another one of Okkam III’s friends, an elf named Jaelyn, went out to try and talk to the elves of the Ardeep forest. Jaelyn’s not from the local forest at all, and not of the same clan as the Ardeep elves. Has a beautiful huge white she-lion he takes with him. Lovely creature, though it scares my little Squeekums something terribly. Jaelyn and his lion went out into the forest, and came back a while late with a grumpy disposition and a fresh notch in his ear.

I had a look at the wound. Couldn’t get it to heal properly, even with my abilities. The last time I saw a wound like that, it had been done by a Drow weapon. But Drow don’t bother firing warning shots, and wouldn’t have let Jaelyn come back alive. Jaelyn was furious at them for turning him back and shooting at him, claiming that the Ardeep elves had no honor. I could have told him that. It doesn’t take very many maimed children to tell you about the character of the people who maimed them.

Back to the wedding – there was some argument about who would perform the ceremony. The wolf-clan chieftain wanted it to be done according to the town’s customs, so we had to find a local magistrate who could do it. If all else failed I could have officiated, but my wedding speeches tend to be a bit short and to the point for most people’s tastes. “Do you? Do You? Fine, let’s eat”. Really don’t see why people insist on much more than that, but there you go.

I had a talk with the chieftain’s daughter before the wedding. Just making sure she knows what she’s getting into, and that she’s completely willing in this. She is, and she seems to be able to take care of herself. I also offered my services as a midwife when the time comes, and assistance with any other medical issues she might have, and she said she was happy to have my help. It’s nice to meet people who actually respect the work a hedgewitch does.

We’re heading off to Waterdeep. Not one of my favorite places. Too many people, too crowded and noisy, but Okkam III and his friends want to find out if they can determine anything more about this Nightstone or any of the other nonsense that’s been going on. There’s also some talk about letting the noble families know that the ruler of Town-That-Used-To-Be-Called-Nightstone is dead. I’m not sure what for. The wolf clan is doing a great job of running that town, if they tell the nobles that there’s no official noble there now, they’re just going to send a new one, and then there will be all sorts of fuss and bother.

My work in the town is done for now. A hedge witch goes where she’s needed, and I think I’ll be needed along this quest. So the five of us – Okkam III, another half-orc named Janus, Ghent, Jaelyn (and his lioness), and myself, set out upon the road. I asked if Ghent’s new wife wouldn’t be coming along, but apparently it’s some wolf-clan custom for the wife to stay home while the husband goes out on journeys. She’ll make sure there’s a waiting home for him when he returns.


This has been a terrible journey, though I suppose it would have been terrible even had we not taken the trip.

We were heading into highlands, near a cliff over the river, when we spotted a fight in the distance. Another Giant, fighting some normal-sized person. We couldn’t see who it was, until we got closer. Surprise, it’s Okkam III’s father – Okkam II, if I’m doing my math correctly. Was putting up quite a good fight, managing to hold off his many times larger opponent.

We rushed to get closer, but we weren’t fast enough. The land was uneven, forcing us to detour around cliffs and gullies, so even though we could see the fight we couldn’t intervene. If only I had been able to get a little closer, I might have been able to hit them with a Sleep hex, or a Command spell, and stop the fight. But we were all helpless to watch. Okkam II saw us, called out to his son, something about the sword being useful to fight the darkness, and then went over the cliff with the giant, leaving the sword behind.

I had to stop Okkam III from going over the cliff after him. He wanted to use a rope to climb down and look for his father. I had to be the one to point out that there was nothing he could do, that they were both gone, and besides, his rope wasn’t long enough to even get to the bottom of the cliff. And even if he had, there wasn’t anything they could do. Even if his father was down there, there was no way we’d be able to get him back. No sense in getting one of us killed trying.

I could have sent Squeak down to look, but she’d never get back up here on her own. Squeekums is great at flying down, but not so good at flying up, and that’s a long climb for a little squirrel.

We did take the sword, though. It’s very fancy-looking, just crawling with magic. I’ll have a closer look at it once we reach Waterdeep.

I don’t like big cities. They’re full of people, too many people, and always strange noises going off when you’re trying to think. Right now, I’m sitting in the inn where Okkam III (does he still keep the number after his father is dead?) put us up. Trying to rest and soak my feet, and there’s this annoying ghostly whispering coming and going. It has better stop before I try to sleep, or I’ll hunt it down and exorcise it.

Squeek doesn’t like it here either. No trees for her to climb, no clean water or safe food, and too many stray cats.

Jaelyn went off to commune with the local Druids. It would seem to me that a city like this is the worst place to try and commune with nature, but what would I know? Okkam and Ghent went off to go drown their sorrows in drink. Okkam’s taking his father’s death hard. He’s stoic, but I’ve seen him crying a few times. Poor guy. Can’t have been easy, seeing his father dying in front of him like that, and not even a body to bury afterward. I’ve offered to help him with a funeral, say a few nice words, but I expect he’ll be turning to the local clergy for that. Not much room for a hedge witch’s services in a city with established churches like this.

The next day-

We went by Okkam’s family home. Found it to be completely trashed. Not looted, just trashed. Everything breakable was broken, even the furniture. It was as if an angry giant had been through the place. Yet, despite that, the doors and windows were intact and locked, and the neighbors hadn’t heard anything. We helped Okkam clean up a bit, though it was beyond my magic to actually repair that which was broken.

I also had a look at the sword. It’s a nice sword, quite good at stabbing people and making terrible wounds that someone like me would have to try and mend later on. Fine tool for murder, I suppose. It also has a lot of magic bound up in it, much more than is being expressed at the moment. While we were looking at it, that terrible ghostly whispering came back, clearly enough for a few words to be recognized. That’s when Okkam started talking about where his father came from. Something about another world, similar but different than this one, and he’d crossed over somehow, and the whispering said a name from that other world.

This entire situation has Destiny and Fate written all over it, and no sensible person wants anything to do with that. If I had my druthers, I’d pack up and put as much distance between myself and this mess as possible. But, a Hedge Witch goes where she’s needed, and I expect I’ll be needed here, so here I stay.

We had a nice memorial later. A few dozen people came out to attend it. I said some words, I didn’t know the dead man but this was far from the first memorial I’ve spoken at for someone I never met. Okkam III was broken up over his father, again. Poor kid. I’ll do what I can to comfort him and help him get through this, it’s the least I can do.

We stopped by the noble homes to try and tell them about the noble leader whats-her-face of Nightstone being killed. Complete waste of time, as expected. Then we went to the library to try and find some information on what the Nightstone was. Also a complete waste of time. After some discussion it was decided that we’d need to do more investigation on our own, possibly try and find out why the wolf-clan had been driven out of their homes to the north. The next city to the north of where they were is Goldenfields. Conveniently enough, that’s where I had been headed anyway before that whole mess in Ardeep Forest, so this choice suits me fine.

Goldenfields. Aptly named, beautiful town. A walled town with nearly the entire interior full of fields, orchards, and lakes. Very pleasant place to visit. Nice to finally reach here. I admit that my desire to visit initially was perhaps more selfish than it should have been, there is work for me here but it’s not a place in a pressing need of help. It would have been as close to a vacation as a Hedge Witch gets. But then, I did end up in places and with people where I was needed along the way, so it all worked out.

I’ll have to let Squeakerdoodle out to play among the orchards later, once I’m sure there’s no hawks or other dangers that might threaten her. For now, we’re all just enjoying the scenery. Jaelyn is beside himself, as if he never expected to see a human city like this. They’re not all like Waterdeep.

Near the center of the town there’s a mound with a grand old tree-spirit living on it. I suppose this is what is usually referred to as a Treant? I haven’t met many of them. Wonderful old fellow, but of a slow talker but there’s nothing wrong with that. I can appreciate taking a long time to say things that are important.

He has no idea what the Nightstone is, or why it’s important. I have no surprise there. We mention the Ardeep forest and he responds with sorrow. Speaks of a growing darkness there. I just know we’re going to have to head back to that accursed place again. Something nasty is going on in that forest, and someone needs to put an end to it. And a Hedge Witch goes where she’s needed.

But first, the tree-spirit has a request for us, and you don’t refuse a request from a person like that if you know what’s good for you. Not that he’d harm us, but it’s always a good idea to stay on the good side of someone as old and knowledgeable and powerful as this. (Something I’d like people to remember applies to witches, too). Seems a druid friend of his went missing, and he’d like us to go take a look for him. It’s the kind of thing we do, so off we’ll go.

From Ghent:

After about two weeks residing in Nightstone, the group of former strangers that had rescued the citizens from the goblins were drawn to the towers and walls protecting the village as screams from the surrounding forest could be heard. In the distance fires and smoke could be seen coming from the wooded area. Shortly after the ruckus a group of people began to exit the forest and gather in the fields just north of Nightstone. At first it was a half dozen or so but more and more of them streamed out of the forest until there were roughly sixty or so including women and children.

As the new arrivals made their way to the drawbridge and entrance to the village from the fields they could be seen wearing wolf pelts and in fact twenty wolves traveled with them. When they got closer all could see that a significant portion of them were wounded, not just the men and wolves but the women and children as well. When they reached the entrance one of the larger men stepped forward and bellowed out for assistance. He claimed to be Gurrash, leader of the Wolf Tooth Clan of the Uthgardt, and offered his peoples’ assistance in protecting and working for the town if they would be allowed to enter and live in Nightstone. In desperation he also offered his daughter for marriage, a young warrior maiden named Gura.

After a brief discussion amongst the group and calming the fears of Morak, the dwarf innkeeper, Okkam ordered the drawbridge to be lowered and the barbarian people were allowed entrance into Nightstone, their wounded people being tended to by all who had such skill.

Over the next few days it was discovered that Gurrash refused to participate in scouting missions for marauding frost giants unlike the majority of his clan so he and those in agreement with him chose exile instead. They departed without issue but the journey within the Ardeep Forest turned violent when they were ambushed by the local elves for reasons unbeknownst. A battle ensued between elf and barbarian within the forest as the Uthgardt moved through the trees looking for succor. Ruthless elven arrows struck not just the men and wolves but the women and children as well. During the fight the Wolf Tooth exiles were able to rescue a witch woman, Alyss, that was a captive of the elves and, thankful for being freed, used her healing skills and magic to save as many of the barbarians as she could. Alyss was with them as they entered Nightstone and claimed she had no idea why the elves imprisoned her beyond merely traveling within the Ardeep. She said the elves accused her of having elemental magic which she truthfully denied but they kept her a prisoner anyway.

Jaelyn seemed the most distraught and confused by the actions of the elves and prudently kept his distance from the members of the Wolf Tooth for a time, not wanting to alarm any of them by seeing another elf kin within the walls of the village. He did however spend some time with the wolves of the tribe discovering the animals to be fiercely loyal to the tribe. Loyalty was displayed by the Wolf Tooth members as well as all of them worked hard to help protect and build their new home within Nightstone over the next couple days. As for Gurrash offering his daughter for marriage, Ghent stepped forward and agreed to marry her if the barbarian chief truly had every intention of giving her away in such a manner. A few days later a marriage ceremony was performed by Hiral Mystrum the priest of Lathander that tended the small shrine in the village.

A couple of days after the arrival of the Wolf Tooth exiles in Nightstone, some elves were observed at the forest edge. Jaelyn decided to pay a visit to the forest depths, stating confidently that they must want to have a conversation or they would not have been seen because they were elves. Unfortunately for him and his white lioness, he was mistaken. The only interaction between him and the elves of Ardeep at this time were arrows being shot dangerously close in his direction. Jaelyn stubbornly did not heed the warning until one of the shots clipped one of his ears leaving him bloodied and, as was later discovered, poisoned by a toxin that resisted healing.

Returning to Nightstone in a sullen mood, Jaelyn had his injured ear looked at by the hedge witch Alyss and she determined that the toxin used against him was similar to how dark elf poisons affect wounds. This information caused some consternation amongst most of the members of the group. After another day or two the group, along with Alyss, decided to depart and journey to Waterdeep. Jaelyn, still soured by his experiences with the elves of Ardeep, vowed to rectify whatever issues there were amongst his kin in the forest around NIghtstone.

The trip to the City of Splendors took a little over a day but was very eventful especially for the half-orc warrior Okkam III. It started when some of the party members noticed a large figure on a cliff near the roadside that appeared to be in a fight with someone. As the group got closer, the large figure turned out to be a frost giant wielding a massive battle axe against a human sized individual armed with a greatsword. The fighting between the two was intense and as the travelers moved to help against the giant, Okkam saw that it was his father. Unfortunately before anyone could get near, both the giant and Okkam’s father tumbled over the cliffside to the sea three hundred feet below. Amazingly, Okkam’s father jammed his sword into the rock as he fell, holding on for a moment as he told his son that the weapon would help against the coming shadow and then he was gone, dropping out of sight.

Okkam was understandably distraught over what had just occurred. He claimed his father’s majestic greatsword which swirled with a shadowy magic and then the group continued on to Waterdeep.

Once in the great city Okkam, despite being upset, recommended the group stay at an inn of his choice which was agreed upon, each member of the group garnering their own room. Then they all went there separate ways for the evening. Ghent and Okkam went out to have a few drinks, the former to find some fun and the latter to drown his sorrows. Jaelyn and his lioness made their way to a druid grove within the city walls while Alyss and Janus remained at the inn separately. While the night progressed differently for each member of the travelers each had at least one event in common… An odd whooshing, whispering noise that only they could hear. Dismissing the noise as something random, they continued about their business until all five were gathered the next morning.

It was agreed upon to head to Okkam’s father’s house in the city but when they entered they discovered the premises was completely ransacked. Everything that could be broken was broken in the home but oddly the doors and windows all remained locked. Some of the group helped clean up the place and the neighbors were questioned but nothing was learned. It was at this time that the hedge witch, Alyss, took a closer look at Okkam’s new weapon. She couldn’t discern what the powers of the magical weapon were but as she was looking it over the whispering, whooshing noise returned that only they could hear. There were words in the noise that some of the group, those that were paying attention, could understand. Okkam, deciding the time appropriate, then told the others some information about the half-orc that sired him. It seems Okkam’s father is from a different world or dimension that is similar to this one and the name whispered by the sword is from that other world.

The rest of the time spent in Waterdeep was filled with futility and sorrow. First a visit to a noble of the city with knowledge of Lady Nandar and Nighstone proved to be a waste of time. Then an attempt at the temple of Oghma to learn more about the large dark obelisk that had been stolen from Nightstone by cloud giants resulted in derisive patronizing of Okkam as he attempted to explain the situation to a racist cleric. Finally, a somber memorial was held for Okkam’s father with the warrior still visibly upset at the loss of his father. Afterward it was decided to travel north to Goldenfields, a vast and noteworthy farming settlement devoted to the Great Mother, Chauntea, the goddess of agriculture, farmers, and all things that grow from the earth.

The next morning, the group left the City of Splendors traveling along the roadway to Goldenfields. They reached the walled town without incident and were immediately impressed with how serene and pastoral the settlement was. Once within the walls their amazement continued when they came upon a treant spending time with a group of children. Even Jaelyn was impressed as the half-elf from the Moonshaes immediately spoke to the great tree creature with a modicum of awe in his voice.

The friendly treant spoke to the group, albeit slowly, of how it could no longer communicate with the trees of Ardeep and sensed a darkness there now. Jaelyn seemed assured it was due to the dark elves he believed to be there now. When asked about the NIghtstone by Okkam, the tree monster claimed to have no knowledge of it at all. Finally, before the group could depart, the treant had a request for them which most of the party readily agreed to listen to. Around three decades ago an elven druid of the Emerald Circle and friend of the treant traveled north but was never heard from again. If the group were up for the task, the tree beast would like them to investigate what happened and hopefully help bring his druid friend back if possible. All agreed to help the hulking tree creature except for Ghent. The white haired sorcerer made no decision one way or the other and just smiled, seeming quietly amused by something as he watched the interaction between the treant and his companions.

Goblins Die

November 19, 2016 
Session 3: The Dripping Caves 
With the Zhentarim defeated and their leaders captured, the party spent the rest of the day exploring the abandoned village.  The hour was too late for a journey eastward to look for the citizens of Nightstone that had fled and no one wanted to be within the forest at night.  During the search of the village, the group discovered a stash of valuables the goblin marauders had kept in one of the buildings, including some nice elven leathers that had an odor of pitch.  After appropriating the treasure and finishing the search, the hour was winding its way into evening so the group ate a modest dinner at the keep.  Guards were posted on a rotating schedule for the night and everyone settled in for some sleep with plans to find the Nightstone citizens on the morrow.   
Unbeknownst to everyone, during the night the two captives managed to break free of their bonds and escape the keep.  The next morning both Jaelyn and Janus attempted to find traces of the path Xolkin and Kella had taken to get away.  They discovered the Zhent agents had crossed the river and entered the forest surrounding Nightstone heading in a southerly direction.  A minor debate resulted amongst the group of travelers once the escape of their Zhentarim prisoners was discovered.  Okkam shared his desire to track and eliminate the escapees once and for all but others countered that it was more important to find the surviving citizenry of Nightstone and get them safely home.  After some more back and forth conversation, it was decided to travel east and look for the survivors allowing the Zhents to escape.    
The journey eastward into the Ardeep Forest was uneventful and after a few hours the party came upon a rocky, tree covered hillside.  A short distance up the hill there was a clearing of the trees and a twenty foot wide gaping mouth of a cavern.  As stealthily as they could, the party made their way to the cave searching for anything that might be guarding it.  Nothing was discovered but when they got to the cavern’s entrance some of the more perceptive members of the group could hear something or someone attempting to sing in a deep voice.  With the only other option being to depart, the group of travelers entered the cavern.    
In short order the party was attacked by goblin archers on ledges to either side of the entrance and a large ogre that exited a mud pool to engage them.  Aggressively Janus charged forward and attacked the ogre but a second ogre joined the fray surprising the group and landing a painful blow to the half-orc ranger.  Using his nature magic, Jaelyn created a thick fog that blanketed much of the cavern, severely limiting sight and foiling the assault of the goblin archers.  With their foes’ ranged advantage cancelled the group of travelers focused their attacks on the two large humanoids and it wasn’t long before the two ogres and the half dozen goblin archers were lying dead. 
After the initial battle, a great cry rose up from the nearby caverns surprising the party and causing them to prepare for another assault.  No more goblins or ogres arrived despite the continuing noise .  Moving to investigate the group discovered a series of smaller caves near the entrance where numerous female goblins and their young fled their approach screaming.  After a brief conversation with Okkam strongly stating that he would not slaughter noncombatants, they moved north escaping the cacophony of cries and looking for any more threats or survivors from Nightstone.   
Soon thereafter they encountered a group of goblin warriors protecting their two leaders.  Initially there was some dialogue and negotiations but when one of the goblin leaders refused to release the captives from Nightstone, a source of food for them, a battle ensued.  The fight was not overly long, the magical power and weapon expertise of the party of strangers overcoming even the tough leaders of the goblin tribe.  With all viable foes either killed or fled, the group thoroughly explored the complex of caves, taking anything of value that was found.  One mundane item, a torn piece of a recently created map drew the attention of Ghent.  It was determined the piece of map was of a northern city called Bryn Shander but what caused the white haired human to pause was that it bore the mark of his father whom he had believed killed almost two decades past.  The sorcerer took the ripped piece of paper and, uncharacteristically for him, remained quiet as the cavern was finished being explored. 
In one of the last sets of caverns in the complex the party discovered the survivors of Nightstone.  Many of them had lost family to either the attack by the giants on their village or to feed their goblin captors and the two ogre guards.  A dwarf named Morak Ur’gray spoke up for the survivors and expressed immense gratitude for their rescue.  With nothing else worthwhile in the complex of caves, the party of travelers escorted the rescued people back to their damaged but still standing village.  Over the next couple weeks most of the party spent time assisting in the repair efforts for the walls and buildings of Nightstone and helping the citizens recover. 

Zhentarim Agents Foiled

The party searched Nightstone, made contact with the guards remaining in the keep, and encountered Zhentarim agents. Foiling their plans to capture Nightstone, the party imprisoned the agents who later escaped during the night.

Stomp a Path to Nightstone
Session 001

Wise Esmaris,

I fear the errand you have sent me upon has uncovered some troubling discoveries. On my short journey to Daggerford to find young Daerid Solbaril, I fell into the path of a lumbering Cloud Giant. The creature was riddled with tiny arrows- which appeared later to be the result of some limited goblin resistance. I trusted to Corellon to aid me in this as in all things, and the Protector provided. At the moment providence brought me to this peril, I was joined by several other traveling companions. Despite our unfamiliarity with one another, we were able to join our efforts to subdue the rampaging Giant. Lest you think we merely reacted with violence, some effort was made to comfort the creature. I called upon Corellon to ease his suffering, but to no avail. A bard amongst us was able to speak to the Giant, and despite the grace of the Protector, he still only sought to eat us! He strained against the bonds we made for our own protection, and with little remorse, the giant was put down.

I wondered aloud if this Giant might be the cause for the disappearance of faithful Daerid, and so I trusted to Corellon to guide me as I joined these other travelers to learn the truth of it. We wandered through the forest and found our way through an injured goblin to a small settlement (ooc: I don’t recall the name). The settlement was overrun as well, though at one time it appeared to be peaceful. We were beset by goblins, beyond counting. Once more the Protector saw us through, and we were able to withstand the assault. I am writing this letter to you from that same settlement. I believe the same events that led to the goblin occupation of this town and the wounded giant may also tie into the disappearance of Master Solbaril. Please give his young bride my assurances that I have not forgotten my task- but I believe there is a much larger threat to us all. Corellon Larethian in his grace has placed me in the way of this task, and I will see it completed.

Your humble servant,

Aeginess Pellendhir

From Okkam:
1st Session Journal Entry
I’m about a day and half or so from WaterDeep, and the road is much less busy than usual. I’m not sure what’s up, but it must be big to thin the traffic so. I’ve seen several interesting looking folks pass my by though. There was a handsome looking fellow with a very large cat. I’m not sure if it was a Tiger or Lion, as it was very unique and exotic looking, like it’s owner! He had pink hair. It made me chuckle at first, but to each his own yes? Another was an Elven Cleric who walked briskly by. There was also a Human Sorceror with intriguing eyes. They seemed to sparkle with an energy all their own. Most interesting! I’ve just caught up to another Half-Orc. I wonder what tribe he’s from? I’ll just catch up and ask him…
All of us varied travelers on the road were surprised to see a rather worse-for-wear Giant lumbering back and forth across the path. He had a wild look in his eyes, and I don’t like it one bit. Poor thing must’ve been beset up by a horde of some sort, as he looks like a pincushion from all their arrows! All of the travellers I previously mentioned stopped as we were all unsure of what the Giants intentions were, or what to do about them. While we were considering, it wheeled around and move to attack the large cat and her(?) owner.
It was then that I decided to attempt to subdue the crazed behemoth. The Cat attacked the giant, but missed.
Then her owner swung his blade, and also missed. Several started trying to confer with the creature in Common. I yelled out “Does no one speak Giant?” The Cleric stepped up and stated he did, and began trying to calm and converse with the creature, but it was having none of it. Looking this way and that with it’s wild-eyed gaze. I moved in and struck once, to not much effect. Various other attempts were made, unsuccessfully, but I believe the Cleric actually healed the Giant. I struck again, desperate to get this dangerous creature under control. It was enough, it crashed to the ground, unconscious, and bleeding from myriad small wounds. I requested everyone’s aid, and we tied the creature down as best we could. We searched it, and found a sack containing a necklace, and oversized scroll of Teleportation, and some coins.
The Giant also appeared to have trampled Goblins stuck to the bottom of it’s sandals. It was then that I thought to look for tracks back to the Goblin horde, as they are an evil menace, and must be culled at every opportunity. Long story short, we awakened the Giant, after attempting more healing. The Cleric attempted once more to communicate our peaceful intentions, but the creature either could not, or would not calm down. It began thrashing at its bonds, with incredible strength. The Cat’s master (I later found out is named Jaelyn) drew a curved blade and began hacking at the Giant’s neck. I protested, but before anyone else could act, it was done. The Giant was dead. We gathered it’s possessions, and headed off east, in the direction that the tracks lead.
Before long, we came upon the apparent site of the ambush. One of us noticed a kind of scraping, dragging noise coming from over a nearby ridge. We all tentatively headed in that direction with weapons out. As we crested the rise, we found the source of the noise to be a single Goblin with one of it’s legs entirely crushed. He was dragging it like a bag of flour. We queried the Goblin, and I noted that most of the party seemed to not understand the type of scourge that Goblins represent. I attempted once to explain, but was shouted down. The Cleric then proceeded to heal the Goblin, while it was politely questioned. Eventually as they always do, the Goblin began carefully edging away from us, having not really answered our questions truthfully.
I once more attempted to explain the group how Goblins are simply not to be trusted. I was heard this time, and it was agreed that the Goblin should be put out of it’s (our?)misery. I drew Dark Fang, and approached the Goblin purposefully. “Prepare to meet your Maker Goblin!!!” I said loudly, while bring my massive blade down upon it’s scrawny neck. With a “thwwwwppp” the head came free and flew towards the gaping group. I think they were surprised by my tenderness towards the Giant, but my absolute hatred for the Goblin. Well, they shall come to understand more as time goes on, presuming we stick together.
After that we continued to follow the Giant’s tracks. In a short time, we began to hear a persistent “Dong-Dong” sound. “Like a Temple bell being rung in alarm” I explained. We began to double-time it in the direction of the sound. It grew louder as we neared the shore. Finally we were able to discern a Temple steeple in the distance, sticking up over a walled town on an island. We picked out more features as we got closer. Various damage to the bridge and castle walls. This place had come under attack by Giants, or at least by siege weapons hurling large stones.
I lead as we closed rapidly and formed a bit of a marching order. Myself and Janus (the other half –orc) in front, with the rest following close behind. We made our way to the open drawbridge, which was fairly suspicious, and inferred a grim tale about to unfold here. The “Dong-dong” continued as we entered the town. We could immediately see that the towers were unguarded. In addition, there were many massive boulders that had apparently been hurled into the town. We made our way North then to the Temple which was the source of the incessant sound.
I entered first with Dark Fang in hand. I waited for the remainder of the group to enter, and then moved to the door leading to the bell tower. As I opened it, we heard unintelligible, but excited goblin-chatter. I pushed my way in moved to attack one of the 2 Goblins in the room. The Sorcerer cast some sort of massive energy bolt that killed the other goblin outright. I struck in vain, as the Goblin I attacked danced a jig avoiding attacks from myself, Janus, and Jaelyn. Someone even tried to strike it through the wall. They missed but blew a hole in the wall that could be further exploited. Finally, both Goblins were down. We took stock of ourselves, searched them, and now thankfully with the Bell not ringing, moved to exit the Temple.
As we did so, we heard many Goblin voices begin to chatter. They were aghast at what we’d done to their friends, and were moving to attack. From every corner of the town, Goblins came at us, until we faced at least 16 of the wiley vermin. I found myself in battle with at least 8 of them, while the others dealt with the remainder. Jaelyn cast some form of spell that caused all of the plants to entangle our enemies, Slowing several of them, and causing them to take some damage. We all then began laying in with our weapons, cutting down Goblins like the chaff they are. When the grisly work was all done, we took stock and made a small fire, the better to rest and recuperate to. We didn’t take much damage, so all of my new found friends appear fairly capable. This is a good sign, and can only mean the I am favored in the eyes of my God.
I believe as well that we all grew and learned something from our trials that improved us. I myself have had some insight into how best to deal with the damage that I receive. I can only hope the others have had similar insights into the life paths they follow… For who knows what tomorrow may bring?

From Janus:
I was making my way to watersdeep in the company of an what looks to be a magic user and another half-orc, and as we were walking along the path I see a group of three men and an large white lion; but before we got close enough to get a better look at them a giant came running onto the pathway.
The giant had arrows shot into his back and had a limp right arm, as the giant made it to the road he ran to the party of four and swung at the lion the half-orc run up and yelled to the giant in elvish to no avail then went to try to subdue him, as he was trying a man with the look of a dark skin elf attacked the giant as I ran in to help my fellow half-orc bring down the giant in hopes the half-orc knew what was causing the giant to rampage wildly. The giant went down when he tried to step over us to get to the mage behind.
When the giant was down and unconscious we tied him down as we were doing so the other two men came over, one a bard and from the looks a man of the cloth. When the giant was secured the priest healed him and when he was awake the mage spoke to him as well as the bard from what i gathered form the two men is that the giant was angry and aimed to eat us when he was freed, afterwords the dark skin elf man, upon closer look he was not an elf but something else, went to slash at the giant neck until he was dead.
We followed the tracks of the giant to a clearing within a forest where we found a injured goblin the bard spoke to the goblin, we learned that the giant was already had his arm hurt before he got to the goblin camp; the half-orc seeming to have something against goblins beheaded him when we were done talking with him. Continuing along the tracks we came up to a river with two islands in the middle of the water surrounded with a wooden wall broken up by stone towers, as we came closer we hear a bell as if raising an alarm so we ran to the downed drawbridge, as we enter we saw an empty town with boulders lying in craters around the town, next to one of them was a large puddle of blood with giant tracks coming to and from it. we went in to the chapel where the ringing was coming from upon entering we find two goblins, after we killed them we heard more goblin outside we ran out to see over a dozen more goblin waiting for us. we killed most of them but one ran and we have four captured.

From Jaelyn:

As I tend to the last of Nazca’s small puncture wounds, my thoughts drift back through the events of this strange day.
My thoughts focus at the moment the Norsa (giant) came crashing out of the forest, disturbing what had been a peaceful stroll out from the far-too-crowded Atani (human) town of Waterdeep. What drove the crazed monster to strike at Nazca, none could say! But as I shared her pain, I also shared her outrage, and such an assault against my bond-mate would not stand without response!
Jannath’s own blessing that we were not alone on the road! Aid from the Elhedel Priest Aesril was most welcome, and not unexpected. The two Atani, Singer-Levi and Magus-Ghent responded as any might against such a threat on the travel-ways of their lands. But for the two Per-Uruk-hai (Half-Orc) warriors, Okkam and Janus to take their places beside us was most unanticipated.
The fight was short when considering the foe, but the Norsa had already suffered terrible wounds including a ravaged shoulder, and numerous arrow-poisons from a previous encounter with Uruk-iin (Goblins). Soon it…he… lay vanquished, pinned to the ground with ropes. Freind-Aesril’s attempts at healing renewed his strength but not his state of mind, so lost was he in pain. In his ravings he threatened all within his reach. All to soon we realized that we could do no more to ease him, and I suggested it best to free his spirit from the suffering of his flesh.
I still do not fathom the irrational passion the uruk held for the norsa’s life, why could he not understand that it was far more merciful to end it’s time, rather than let it continue with both its body and mind so shattered? In such a raving state he truly was a threat to other travelers, who might be so fortunate and capable. In the end I took it upon myself to slash the norsa’s throat, an awkward and grizzly task.
Nor did I understand the passion and insistence in which the uruk warrior insisted upon hunting down the uruk-iin, referring to them as “vermin..a plague upon the lands”. It would shame me greatly should they take offense in learning that in my ancient Eldar tongue the root-word for “goblin” is the same “uruk” as it is for “orc”.

Seeing the carnage of uruk-iin bodies left in the wake of the Norsa, I would have spared the sole uruk-iin who had survived, for surely the fates meant for him to continue his life-song. Even Aesril-kindred showed mercy and healed him. But of the Per-Uruk-hai there was nothing but death for the little one, and soon his voice would be as silent as the others.

As the day progressed, our band continued to track the path of the norsa, eventually arriving at a small palisade-protected atani town, revealed to us by the sound of a ringing bell tower. Curiously, we found the town abandoned but for a number of uruk-iin who were quickly dispatched, all save one. The source of the bell-ringing proved to be two such uruk-iin, discovered within a temple dedicated to two nature deities, one of which is Meilikki… a kindred divinity to Earth-mother Jannath.

From Ghent

Session 1: Stomping a Path to Nightstone

An hour to two before Highsun in mid Spring of the year 1490 DR, six travelers were making their way along the main roadway between the sprawling metropolis, Waterdeep, and the large town of Daggerford. Although each of the six had their own reasons for traveling and none of them knew each other, all of that would change dramatically after an eighteen foot male giant crashed through the trees and brush on the side of the thoroughfare.

The huge creature was gravely wounded with many arrows protruding from it and one shoulder appeared to be dislocated from the socket. The giant also had a wild look in his eyes, as if he were afraid of something that perhaps was chasing him unto the roadway.

Most of the six wayfarers remained where they were when the mammoth humanoid burst upon the scene but a white haired elven looking individual accompanied by a large white lion boldly moved toward the injured giant. It did not go well, the wild eyed monster attacked the white lion and was in turn retaliated against by all six of the travelers.

The giant was eventually subdued with minor injuries suffered by a few of the travelers but the question of what to do about the massive creature was raised. At this time, introductions were made, and then all agreed that the giant should be tied down and restrained before any further decision on what to do.

The six travelers were:

Jaelyn of the Cheysuli and Nazca – Appearing as a half-elf but claiming to be of the Cheysuli, an exotic looking white haired male accompanied by a large white lion named Nazca.

Okkam III – A large half-orc warrior wielding a greatsword he called “Dark fang”

Levi Shieldheart – A human minstrel that was one of the few among the travelers that could speak to the giant in it’s own language.

Janus – Another powerful looking half-orc warrior skilled in the ways of the wild.

Ghent – A white haired human male that could also speak in the tongue of giants and seemed to be amused by all that was occurring.

Aesril Pellendhir – A devoted male elf priest of Corellon Larethian

After introductions, the unconscious giant’s possessions were searched and inside a large sack the group found a giant sized dagger, a normal sized necklace, a human sized statue of a noble, and a rolled up piece of parchment the size of a throw rug. Ghent, after examining the parchment, stated that it was an arcane scroll with a spell of teleportation inscribed upon it.

Most of the group concluded that the giant should be revived and questioned by those that spoke it’s language. So the massive brute’s possessions were replaced and the elven priest, Aesril, went to work on healing him while all took note of the crushed goblin corpses stuck to the bottom of his enormous boots.

Unfortunately, after regaining consciousness, the giant offered no information beyond promising to eat them all quickly if released as was translated by both Levi and Ghent. As it thrashed against the restraining bonds, most of the group decided to end it’s life after being left with little recourse, although Okkam did not wish to kill it. Jaelyn, with his lion Nazca, took action before any could stop them and slashed away at the restrained behemoth’s vitals numerous times before it finally breathed it’s last.

A debate over the giant’s fate followed, mainly between Okkam and Jaelyn, but it never turned contentious and shortly afterward the six strangers decided to band together to follow the trail left by the lumbering brute. The path was not difficult to follow but Janus, trained in tracking, assisted and offered information as needed. Soon the group came upon a forest clearing where a battle had taken place. Numerous goblin corpses were strewn about, a few crushed within enormous footprints, indicating a pitched fight between the injured giant and a band of marauding goblins.

Before the group of strangers could continue following the trail, a noise was heard by some a little ways off the path the giant had taken. Searching for the source, they found a grievously injured goblin attempting to stealthily crawl away from the clearing. Levi used his magical skills to communicate with the wounded humanoid but little worthwhile information was gleaned and then the bard, in an odd manner, tweaked it’s nose. Okkam, feeling the goblin and all of it’s kind were nothing more than vermin, hefted his sword and moved to end it’s life. Jaelyn intervened and another debate followed about what should be done about the injured humanoid. Okkam’s words were eventually heeded by those trying to stop him and the goblin’s failed attempt to escape assisted in the decision to put it down permanently.

Moving on, the group arrived at a small fortified village and keep situated on an island in the middle of a river. The drawbridge at the main entrance to the village was down and easily crossed by the band of travelers. As they entered, obvious devastation could be seen throughout and it appeared to be abandoned. Massive boulders were strewn about the area leaving smashed walls and rooftops in the few buildings within and significant damage to the keep where it had been struck by the large projectiles. In the center of the village, a large depression in the earth starkly stood out from the destruction elsewhere.

As the travelers began to assess what they were observing a bell from the village’s modest shrine began to ring. Moving to investigate, the group entered the building and discovered a pair of goblin warriors ringing the bell at the top of the building. A fight ensued that lasted longer than expected due to the resilience and evasiveness of one of the humanoid marauders but in the end both were dispatched. Unfortunately, the ringing of the bell had the desired result. As the band of wayfarers exited the building a large group of goblin marauders had arrived at the shrine after hearing the tolling of the bell.

A fierce battle began. The marauders had greater numbers by at least three or four to one and the party’s prowess was tested. Each member did what they could to counter the larger force arrayed against them. Jaelyn and Ghent used their magical powers to slow and disable handfuls of the invaders while the rest of the party attacked with lethal effectiveness. The melee was fierce and no one escaped the fight unscathed but in the end, the group of travelers prevailed. All of the goblin marauders lay dead on the ground except for four of them that had been stunned into unconsciousness by the blinding, colorful lights Ghent brought about with his spell casting and one other that had fled the battle further into the village. Okkam bound the four that were still alive intending to take them as captives as those in the party that had healing powers made use of them. As the fight or flight adrenaline began to fade and the afternoon hours stretched on toward evening, the group of strangers took a moment to assess what to do next.

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