Storm King's Pathfinder

After Nightstone


Okkam and I stood in the tower looking at a group of humans in wolf skin clothing along with about 15 wolfs as we talked with them it seemed that the elf attacked them as they were travailing. we decided to let them in and join the town of Nightstone, Morak was not happy at first but as the days passed the towns folk saw that the wolf tooth clan were great addition to the town. Seeing the clan work so well with the wolfs makes me think maybe I should find an animal companion of my own. It seems that I’m not the only one who is interested in the wolf tooth clan, Ghent took a shine to the chieftain daughter they are to be wed, I will admit I did not think that Ghent would be the kind to get married but he proved me wrong.
Jaelyn went to talk to the elf to see why the attacked the wolf clan and what happen with the orc warband, I don’t think it went well Jaelyn came back with a wound on his ear. after the wedding we decided to make our way to waterdeep to inform them of lady nandar passing.

As we walked to watherdeep we hear the sounds of battle, thinking someone is in need of help we rush around the side and come to see an orc fighting a frost giant and holding his own, but being pushed back to the rivers edge. running Okkam yells getting the giants attention in doing so the orc took advantage of the distraction and cut the giant leg and hefting it over and into the river, but as the giant’s last act it grabed at the orc and pulled the orc with him. The orc stab his blade into the ground halting his fall for the moment, Okkam calls out to the orc yelling “Father!” the orc we now know as Okkam II looked to his son and yelled that his blade can Defeat the “Shadow” before he fell with the giant into the river. Okkam III in his grief tries to repel down the cliff face but lacking the rope needed to make it down to the river he brakes down and sobs for his lost father. Soon after Okkam returns and pulls his fathers blade out of the ground and we make our way back to the road to watersdeep.
AS we walk Janus thinks to himself about the events his thoughts wander back to his tribe then to his mother and ending on his father, Janus never knew his father nor did his mother tell him about his father. Janus assume it might have been some traveler or merchant or it might have been some man thinking he was an adventurer and trip over a rock and killed himself, Janus was putting himself in a foul mood thinking who his father was and cleared his head casting the thoughts away as they arrived at waterdeep.

after we informed one of the nobles of lady nandars passing Jaelyn, Okkam, and I went to the church of Oghma and Deneir, Okkam went to set up a memorial for his father and Jaelyn went for support I guess. I went to the side of the church that was for Deneir and spoke with one of the priest of Deneir to see if they know of anything about the Secret library of Deneir,but he seemed to not know what I was talking about, getting no information on the library I decided to find out all I can about Deneir, the priset told me much about Dneir and even sold me a map of the sword coast. “I can see why She Worshiped Deneir” Janus thinks to himself

We went to Okkam father home only to find that it has been ransacked everything that could be broken was, Alyss looked at Okkam II’s blade and told us that it has magic from a another world.after the memorial for Okkam’s father and he dealt withe the taxes on his father home we set out north to Goldenfields.

In the center of town there was a great tree as we got closer I saw that it had a face I thought it was unsettling but Jaelyn was overjoyed to speak with it. It told us that his friend went missing and asked us if we can find him.



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