Storm King's Pathfinder

An Orc, Satyr, and a Druid.


We arrive at calling horns by mid day, a small town with not a lot going on. we decide to stay the night so We go to the inn and we see the innkeeper that we now know is also the mayor. As Ghent grabs a table. The innkeeper tells us that they’re having trouble with trolls and offers us 100 gold per troll head that we bring to her. Looking around the inn. we see a Armed and armored man Come in Who also wore the symbol of 2 bull horns.As he comes in he looks around at us and at the other patrons and just stands around, Guarding. After everyone has gotten their drink Okkam makes a toast. Ford Jaelyn and Nazca’s union. As we were eating we begin to talk with Nazca who can more or less only speak elven, discussing what our next move was some of us wanted to go after the trolls, but I remind them of what happened last time we went on a side quest. We’re having this discussion in elvish. The innkeeper and the guard began looking at us strangely so we decided to switch back to common. The next day we decide to go to Noanar’s hold the innkeeper told us to speak with Harle; so We headed east to go speak with Harle at his farm, we learned that Noanar’s hold is ruled by four nobles That enthralled their people using fear, as a group we thought going to Noanar’s hold might be a bad idea so we decided to just Skirt around it, And continue our path to the shadowtop cathedral.

When we got to the High forest Jaelyn and Nazca seems to connected to it something I never felt I could do, but then I never had a good grip on magic or the spirituality of nature. We travailed a bit farther the stopped to make camp for the night, the next day we saw some footprints on the ground Jaelyn could tell some of them were Elven and I could see some were Orcish; when I was trying to see which way they went an arrow hit the tree next to me, an Half-orc woman in a tree yelled " YOU, JANUS YOU, I HATE YOU." I did not know who this was but she did ware outfit that some of our hunters wore in my tribe, her name is Korogelen and from what she told us, it seems that I ruined her dress she needed for her coming of age ceremony though I still don’t remember her or if I was the one who ruined her dress; she told me that if I offer her a trophy she would forgive me, we did not have anything that would be a suitable trophy so I offer to get a boon from the treant that lives in this forest she said this is something she could accept after she vanished into the forest.When we made it to shadowtop cathedral we saw a satyr playing his pan-flute, we approached him and ask if he had seen the treant or Aerglas he told us that the treant Turlang would be back soon but that he was too sad to remember where Aerglas is; we asked why he was so sad, he told us that he was to meet his love, a dryad, at the pond but she never showed up we told him that we will talk to her on his behalf to find out why she did not meet him at the pond. when we got to the pond we saw evidence of a struggle from what I could tell one set was from an elf and then one of them was dragged off, following the drag mark we found a cave;Jaelyn, Naazca and I snuck into the cave we got to a bend in the tunnel as I looked around it I saw an elf standing over an hurt dryad I told Jaelyn what I saw and he in turn went to tell the others who were standing at the cave opening. Okkam misjudging the situation walk around the bend and ask if the dryad needed help; the elf seeing Okkam set him ablaze engulfing him in a column of fire, yelling in a a language I did not know except for one thing “Aerglas.” Seeing that he was hostile and is or knew Aerglas I ran up and struck him with the flat of my blade then Jaelyn and Okkam did the same in turn as Alyss and Nazca healed them, Ghent came in and shot a bolt of lightning at the elf which was the final push we needed to knock him out; I chained him up and gagged him then we took him and the dryad back the the satyr to which he lead us back to the dryad’s tree, we stayed a bit to make sure she was okay then we went back to the clearing where we first saw the satyr to wait for Turlang.



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