Storm King's Pathfinder

Death of the wom-bat

Janus, Session 005

As we were in Goldenfield Jaelyn and I went to the market to see if we can find some healing potions, when we asked for them the shop keep said that the potion were 500 gold a bottle; but with my time in Nightstone helping the Summerhawk family I know that is way overpriced and we can make our own with right ingredients and know how, so we did not buy anything. The next day we were getting ready to go north to find the living tree’s friend, but I did not see Ghent with the other nor did they know where he went “maybe he left to find out more about the map piece we found, or had a different calling like Levi and Aesrill” I thought to myself.
Along the road to womford we broke for camp as dusk approached, I set up my trap as okkam made the camp fire, Jaelyn and Nazca go ready to go hunting, and Alyss got out a tea set from her bag; a bag that seemed to small to hold all the things she has. As we settled in we hear the same whispers that we heard in waterdeep, Jaelyn tried to see if any magic was at work as he turned to look around him he double over as if he was hit by something, seeing this I stood and when i did I felt a small pain in my back I turn to try to find what might have cause it, Okkam was the first to see them, the semi-transparent shadows Alyss began mumbling something then started to cackle. “I did not think witches actually did cackle, I just assume cackling was just added to the stories about witches to make them better.” Okkam was the first to kill one as he did the shadow was absorbed into his blade he did this with two others as he did the blade glowed a different color after each shadow killed, Jaelyn killed one with the help of Nazca and his summons. in the morning we found some sort of black sand, Okkam stabbed his blade down into the black sand the sand was drawn into the blade, under the sand we found gold and three potions there were also glass pieces it seemed that Okkam broke some when he stabbed down.
We made it to womford mid day we spent a moment at the Bargewright inn and took in the humorous name, after we went to the market to see if we can get potion at a better prices,but we came to the conclusion that any magic items we wish to buy will be expensive. We made our way to the Inn to rest for the night that is went we were told about the Womford Bat, think we can help the town we went out a night to hunt the Womford Bat. after hours of looking for signs of the Bat a pale man walked out from the shadows and offered to protect us from the Womford bat if we buy him a drink when wwe refused his offer he stared at Okkam and told him to attack me, Okkam overcame the compulsion and told us that he was some form of caster. I charged in and struck him with my blade in turn he lashed out at me, as he hit I could feel as if my energy was being saped out of me, Jaelyn shifted into a full form panther and enchanted Nazca, Okkam moved to flank him from behind, Alyss started to cackle. With our numbers and tactics we beet him without taking any more damage, upon defeat the man turn to mist and floated to the second floor of the Bargewright Inn, as we were about to climb up a guard stoped us and told us that there is no womford bat to which we told him that the man we now know is a vampire and is the Womford bat, not having time to reason with the guard we ran out of sight and climb up on a different side of the Inn once in side Okkam found a trapdoor going into the roof it was there we found the coffin, Okkam trusted his blade into the coffin as he did the vampire let out a blood curdling scream, upon hearing this the guards ran up to the room to see us standing there and Okamm moving the coffin down into the bedroom when the coffin was opened there was a dried old corpse the guards did not believe us so Okkam pushed out three of the four guard out of the room and locked the door.



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