Storm King's Pathfinder

Stomp a Path to Nightstone

Session 001

Wise Esmaris,

I fear the errand you have sent me upon has uncovered some troubling discoveries. On my short journey to Daggerford to find young Daerid Solbaril, I fell into the path of a lumbering Cloud Giant. The creature was riddled with tiny arrows- which appeared later to be the result of some limited goblin resistance. I trusted to Corellon to aid me in this as in all things, and the Protector provided. At the moment providence brought me to this peril, I was joined by several other traveling companions. Despite our unfamiliarity with one another, we were able to join our efforts to subdue the rampaging Giant. Lest you think we merely reacted with violence, some effort was made to comfort the creature. I called upon Corellon to ease his suffering, but to no avail. A bard amongst us was able to speak to the Giant, and despite the grace of the Protector, he still only sought to eat us! He strained against the bonds we made for our own protection, and with little remorse, the giant was put down.

I wondered aloud if this Giant might be the cause for the disappearance of faithful Daerid, and so I trusted to Corellon to guide me as I joined these other travelers to learn the truth of it. We wandered through the forest and found our way through an injured goblin to a small settlement (ooc: I don’t recall the name). The settlement was overrun as well, though at one time it appeared to be peaceful. We were beset by goblins, beyond counting. Once more the Protector saw us through, and we were able to withstand the assault. I am writing this letter to you from that same settlement. I believe the same events that led to the goblin occupation of this town and the wounded giant may also tie into the disappearance of Master Solbaril. Please give his young bride my assurances that I have not forgotten my task- but I believe there is a much larger threat to us all. Corellon Larethian in his grace has placed me in the way of this task, and I will see it completed.

Your humble servant,

Aeginess Pellendhir

From Okkam:
1st Session Journal Entry
I’m about a day and half or so from WaterDeep, and the road is much less busy than usual. I’m not sure what’s up, but it must be big to thin the traffic so. I’ve seen several interesting looking folks pass my by though. There was a handsome looking fellow with a very large cat. I’m not sure if it was a Tiger or Lion, as it was very unique and exotic looking, like it’s owner! He had pink hair. It made me chuckle at first, but to each his own yes? Another was an Elven Cleric who walked briskly by. There was also a Human Sorceror with intriguing eyes. They seemed to sparkle with an energy all their own. Most interesting! I’ve just caught up to another Half-Orc. I wonder what tribe he’s from? I’ll just catch up and ask him…
All of us varied travelers on the road were surprised to see a rather worse-for-wear Giant lumbering back and forth across the path. He had a wild look in his eyes, and I don’t like it one bit. Poor thing must’ve been beset up by a horde of some sort, as he looks like a pincushion from all their arrows! All of the travellers I previously mentioned stopped as we were all unsure of what the Giants intentions were, or what to do about them. While we were considering, it wheeled around and move to attack the large cat and her(?) owner.
It was then that I decided to attempt to subdue the crazed behemoth. The Cat attacked the giant, but missed.
Then her owner swung his blade, and also missed. Several started trying to confer with the creature in Common. I yelled out “Does no one speak Giant?” The Cleric stepped up and stated he did, and began trying to calm and converse with the creature, but it was having none of it. Looking this way and that with it’s wild-eyed gaze. I moved in and struck once, to not much effect. Various other attempts were made, unsuccessfully, but I believe the Cleric actually healed the Giant. I struck again, desperate to get this dangerous creature under control. It was enough, it crashed to the ground, unconscious, and bleeding from myriad small wounds. I requested everyone’s aid, and we tied the creature down as best we could. We searched it, and found a sack containing a necklace, and oversized scroll of Teleportation, and some coins.
The Giant also appeared to have trampled Goblins stuck to the bottom of it’s sandals. It was then that I thought to look for tracks back to the Goblin horde, as they are an evil menace, and must be culled at every opportunity. Long story short, we awakened the Giant, after attempting more healing. The Cleric attempted once more to communicate our peaceful intentions, but the creature either could not, or would not calm down. It began thrashing at its bonds, with incredible strength. The Cat’s master (I later found out is named Jaelyn) drew a curved blade and began hacking at the Giant’s neck. I protested, but before anyone else could act, it was done. The Giant was dead. We gathered it’s possessions, and headed off east, in the direction that the tracks lead.
Before long, we came upon the apparent site of the ambush. One of us noticed a kind of scraping, dragging noise coming from over a nearby ridge. We all tentatively headed in that direction with weapons out. As we crested the rise, we found the source of the noise to be a single Goblin with one of it’s legs entirely crushed. He was dragging it like a bag of flour. We queried the Goblin, and I noted that most of the party seemed to not understand the type of scourge that Goblins represent. I attempted once to explain, but was shouted down. The Cleric then proceeded to heal the Goblin, while it was politely questioned. Eventually as they always do, the Goblin began carefully edging away from us, having not really answered our questions truthfully.
I once more attempted to explain the group how Goblins are simply not to be trusted. I was heard this time, and it was agreed that the Goblin should be put out of it’s (our?)misery. I drew Dark Fang, and approached the Goblin purposefully. “Prepare to meet your Maker Goblin!!!” I said loudly, while bring my massive blade down upon it’s scrawny neck. With a “thwwwwppp” the head came free and flew towards the gaping group. I think they were surprised by my tenderness towards the Giant, but my absolute hatred for the Goblin. Well, they shall come to understand more as time goes on, presuming we stick together.
After that we continued to follow the Giant’s tracks. In a short time, we began to hear a persistent “Dong-Dong” sound. “Like a Temple bell being rung in alarm” I explained. We began to double-time it in the direction of the sound. It grew louder as we neared the shore. Finally we were able to discern a Temple steeple in the distance, sticking up over a walled town on an island. We picked out more features as we got closer. Various damage to the bridge and castle walls. This place had come under attack by Giants, or at least by siege weapons hurling large stones.
I lead as we closed rapidly and formed a bit of a marching order. Myself and Janus (the other half –orc) in front, with the rest following close behind. We made our way to the open drawbridge, which was fairly suspicious, and inferred a grim tale about to unfold here. The “Dong-dong” continued as we entered the town. We could immediately see that the towers were unguarded. In addition, there were many massive boulders that had apparently been hurled into the town. We made our way North then to the Temple which was the source of the incessant sound.
I entered first with Dark Fang in hand. I waited for the remainder of the group to enter, and then moved to the door leading to the bell tower. As I opened it, we heard unintelligible, but excited goblin-chatter. I pushed my way in moved to attack one of the 2 Goblins in the room. The Sorcerer cast some sort of massive energy bolt that killed the other goblin outright. I struck in vain, as the Goblin I attacked danced a jig avoiding attacks from myself, Janus, and Jaelyn. Someone even tried to strike it through the wall. They missed but blew a hole in the wall that could be further exploited. Finally, both Goblins were down. We took stock of ourselves, searched them, and now thankfully with the Bell not ringing, moved to exit the Temple.
As we did so, we heard many Goblin voices begin to chatter. They were aghast at what we’d done to their friends, and were moving to attack. From every corner of the town, Goblins came at us, until we faced at least 16 of the wiley vermin. I found myself in battle with at least 8 of them, while the others dealt with the remainder. Jaelyn cast some form of spell that caused all of the plants to entangle our enemies, Slowing several of them, and causing them to take some damage. We all then began laying in with our weapons, cutting down Goblins like the chaff they are. When the grisly work was all done, we took stock and made a small fire, the better to rest and recuperate to. We didn’t take much damage, so all of my new found friends appear fairly capable. This is a good sign, and can only mean the I am favored in the eyes of my God.
I believe as well that we all grew and learned something from our trials that improved us. I myself have had some insight into how best to deal with the damage that I receive. I can only hope the others have had similar insights into the life paths they follow… For who knows what tomorrow may bring?

From Janus:
I was making my way to watersdeep in the company of an what looks to be a magic user and another half-orc, and as we were walking along the path I see a group of three men and an large white lion; but before we got close enough to get a better look at them a giant came running onto the pathway.
The giant had arrows shot into his back and had a limp right arm, as the giant made it to the road he ran to the party of four and swung at the lion the half-orc run up and yelled to the giant in elvish to no avail then went to try to subdue him, as he was trying a man with the look of a dark skin elf attacked the giant as I ran in to help my fellow half-orc bring down the giant in hopes the half-orc knew what was causing the giant to rampage wildly. The giant went down when he tried to step over us to get to the mage behind.
When the giant was down and unconscious we tied him down as we were doing so the other two men came over, one a bard and from the looks a man of the cloth. When the giant was secured the priest healed him and when he was awake the mage spoke to him as well as the bard from what i gathered form the two men is that the giant was angry and aimed to eat us when he was freed, afterwords the dark skin elf man, upon closer look he was not an elf but something else, went to slash at the giant neck until he was dead.
We followed the tracks of the giant to a clearing within a forest where we found a injured goblin the bard spoke to the goblin, we learned that the giant was already had his arm hurt before he got to the goblin camp; the half-orc seeming to have something against goblins beheaded him when we were done talking with him. Continuing along the tracks we came up to a river with two islands in the middle of the water surrounded with a wooden wall broken up by stone towers, as we came closer we hear a bell as if raising an alarm so we ran to the downed drawbridge, as we enter we saw an empty town with boulders lying in craters around the town, next to one of them was a large puddle of blood with giant tracks coming to and from it. we went in to the chapel where the ringing was coming from upon entering we find two goblins, after we killed them we heard more goblin outside we ran out to see over a dozen more goblin waiting for us. we killed most of them but one ran and we have four captured.

From Jaelyn:

As I tend to the last of Nazca’s small puncture wounds, my thoughts drift back through the events of this strange day.
My thoughts focus at the moment the Norsa (giant) came crashing out of the forest, disturbing what had been a peaceful stroll out from the far-too-crowded Atani (human) town of Waterdeep. What drove the crazed monster to strike at Nazca, none could say! But as I shared her pain, I also shared her outrage, and such an assault against my bond-mate would not stand without response!
Jannath’s own blessing that we were not alone on the road! Aid from the Elhedel Priest Aesril was most welcome, and not unexpected. The two Atani, Singer-Levi and Magus-Ghent responded as any might against such a threat on the travel-ways of their lands. But for the two Per-Uruk-hai (Half-Orc) warriors, Okkam and Janus to take their places beside us was most unanticipated.
The fight was short when considering the foe, but the Norsa had already suffered terrible wounds including a ravaged shoulder, and numerous arrow-poisons from a previous encounter with Uruk-iin (Goblins). Soon it…he… lay vanquished, pinned to the ground with ropes. Freind-Aesril’s attempts at healing renewed his strength but not his state of mind, so lost was he in pain. In his ravings he threatened all within his reach. All to soon we realized that we could do no more to ease him, and I suggested it best to free his spirit from the suffering of his flesh.
I still do not fathom the irrational passion the uruk held for the norsa’s life, why could he not understand that it was far more merciful to end it’s time, rather than let it continue with both its body and mind so shattered? In such a raving state he truly was a threat to other travelers, who might be so fortunate and capable. In the end I took it upon myself to slash the norsa’s throat, an awkward and grizzly task.
Nor did I understand the passion and insistence in which the uruk warrior insisted upon hunting down the uruk-iin, referring to them as “vermin..a plague upon the lands”. It would shame me greatly should they take offense in learning that in my ancient Eldar tongue the root-word for “goblin” is the same “uruk” as it is for “orc”.

Seeing the carnage of uruk-iin bodies left in the wake of the Norsa, I would have spared the sole uruk-iin who had survived, for surely the fates meant for him to continue his life-song. Even Aesril-kindred showed mercy and healed him. But of the Per-Uruk-hai there was nothing but death for the little one, and soon his voice would be as silent as the others.

As the day progressed, our band continued to track the path of the norsa, eventually arriving at a small palisade-protected atani town, revealed to us by the sound of a ringing bell tower. Curiously, we found the town abandoned but for a number of uruk-iin who were quickly dispatched, all save one. The source of the bell-ringing proved to be two such uruk-iin, discovered within a temple dedicated to two nature deities, one of which is Meilikki… a kindred divinity to Earth-mother Jannath.

From Ghent

Session 1: Stomping a Path to Nightstone

An hour to two before Highsun in mid Spring of the year 1490 DR, six travelers were making their way along the main roadway between the sprawling metropolis, Waterdeep, and the large town of Daggerford. Although each of the six had their own reasons for traveling and none of them knew each other, all of that would change dramatically after an eighteen foot male giant crashed through the trees and brush on the side of the thoroughfare.

The huge creature was gravely wounded with many arrows protruding from it and one shoulder appeared to be dislocated from the socket. The giant also had a wild look in his eyes, as if he were afraid of something that perhaps was chasing him unto the roadway.

Most of the six wayfarers remained where they were when the mammoth humanoid burst upon the scene but a white haired elven looking individual accompanied by a large white lion boldly moved toward the injured giant. It did not go well, the wild eyed monster attacked the white lion and was in turn retaliated against by all six of the travelers.

The giant was eventually subdued with minor injuries suffered by a few of the travelers but the question of what to do about the massive creature was raised. At this time, introductions were made, and then all agreed that the giant should be tied down and restrained before any further decision on what to do.

The six travelers were:

Jaelyn of the Cheysuli and Nazca – Appearing as a half-elf but claiming to be of the Cheysuli, an exotic looking white haired male accompanied by a large white lion named Nazca.

Okkam III – A large half-orc warrior wielding a greatsword he called “Dark fang”

Levi Shieldheart – A human minstrel that was one of the few among the travelers that could speak to the giant in it’s own language.

Janus – Another powerful looking half-orc warrior skilled in the ways of the wild.

Ghent – A white haired human male that could also speak in the tongue of giants and seemed to be amused by all that was occurring.

Aesril Pellendhir – A devoted male elf priest of Corellon Larethian

After introductions, the unconscious giant’s possessions were searched and inside a large sack the group found a giant sized dagger, a normal sized necklace, a human sized statue of a noble, and a rolled up piece of parchment the size of a throw rug. Ghent, after examining the parchment, stated that it was an arcane scroll with a spell of teleportation inscribed upon it.

Most of the group concluded that the giant should be revived and questioned by those that spoke it’s language. So the massive brute’s possessions were replaced and the elven priest, Aesril, went to work on healing him while all took note of the crushed goblin corpses stuck to the bottom of his enormous boots.

Unfortunately, after regaining consciousness, the giant offered no information beyond promising to eat them all quickly if released as was translated by both Levi and Ghent. As it thrashed against the restraining bonds, most of the group decided to end it’s life after being left with little recourse, although Okkam did not wish to kill it. Jaelyn, with his lion Nazca, took action before any could stop them and slashed away at the restrained behemoth’s vitals numerous times before it finally breathed it’s last.

A debate over the giant’s fate followed, mainly between Okkam and Jaelyn, but it never turned contentious and shortly afterward the six strangers decided to band together to follow the trail left by the lumbering brute. The path was not difficult to follow but Janus, trained in tracking, assisted and offered information as needed. Soon the group came upon a forest clearing where a battle had taken place. Numerous goblin corpses were strewn about, a few crushed within enormous footprints, indicating a pitched fight between the injured giant and a band of marauding goblins.

Before the group of strangers could continue following the trail, a noise was heard by some a little ways off the path the giant had taken. Searching for the source, they found a grievously injured goblin attempting to stealthily crawl away from the clearing. Levi used his magical skills to communicate with the wounded humanoid but little worthwhile information was gleaned and then the bard, in an odd manner, tweaked it’s nose. Okkam, feeling the goblin and all of it’s kind were nothing more than vermin, hefted his sword and moved to end it’s life. Jaelyn intervened and another debate followed about what should be done about the injured humanoid. Okkam’s words were eventually heeded by those trying to stop him and the goblin’s failed attempt to escape assisted in the decision to put it down permanently.

Moving on, the group arrived at a small fortified village and keep situated on an island in the middle of a river. The drawbridge at the main entrance to the village was down and easily crossed by the band of travelers. As they entered, obvious devastation could be seen throughout and it appeared to be abandoned. Massive boulders were strewn about the area leaving smashed walls and rooftops in the few buildings within and significant damage to the keep where it had been struck by the large projectiles. In the center of the village, a large depression in the earth starkly stood out from the destruction elsewhere.

As the travelers began to assess what they were observing a bell from the village’s modest shrine began to ring. Moving to investigate, the group entered the building and discovered a pair of goblin warriors ringing the bell at the top of the building. A fight ensued that lasted longer than expected due to the resilience and evasiveness of one of the humanoid marauders but in the end both were dispatched. Unfortunately, the ringing of the bell had the desired result. As the band of wayfarers exited the building a large group of goblin marauders had arrived at the shrine after hearing the tolling of the bell.

A fierce battle began. The marauders had greater numbers by at least three or four to one and the party’s prowess was tested. Each member did what they could to counter the larger force arrayed against them. Jaelyn and Ghent used their magical powers to slow and disable handfuls of the invaders while the rest of the party attacked with lethal effectiveness. The melee was fierce and no one escaped the fight unscathed but in the end, the group of travelers prevailed. All of the goblin marauders lay dead on the ground except for four of them that had been stunned into unconsciousness by the blinding, colorful lights Ghent brought about with his spell casting and one other that had fled the battle further into the village. Okkam bound the four that were still alive intending to take them as captives as those in the party that had healing powers made use of them. As the fight or flight adrenaline began to fade and the afternoon hours stretched on toward evening, the group of strangers took a moment to assess what to do next.



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