Human male that makes lightning strike the same place twice


Ghent stands 5’9” and weighs roughly 165 lbs.  He appears to be in his early to mid 20’s in age.  He is leanly muscled and appears to have an athletic grace about his movements.  His hair is short and completely white, lacking any pigmentation at all.  His eyes are a bright blue that appear larger and more noticeable than normal.  This is possibly due to their vibrant color or their contrast with his white hair or a combination of both.  If one looks even closer, they notice both his irises appear to have silvery linings.  He has a normal complexion, neither tanned nor fair, appears to be well kept and is considerably attractive despite his uncommon looks.  He wears a nice pair of bracers, the right one of which holds a sparkling gem of some sort. The only weapon he has on his person is a dagger.. 


Ghent doesn’t say much about his past when asked. He claims to be from the surrounding area of the great city of Waterdeep but most of his time was spent in the City of Splendors. He seems willing to talk to anyone about anything and seems generally amused by most things. Any new experiences Ghent is more than willing to partake and some might find it annoying that he doesn’t seem to take the world around him with any seriousness.


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