Storm King's Pathfinder

Zhentarim and 3 giants

Session 006-007

we stood in the standing facing the town guards trying to talk our way out we heard a lot of
movement out side of the door okkam was baring, but it did not seem that we will be able to say anything that will help our case. Alyss put the guard to sleep I grabbed my two swords off of him just before the rest of the guards broke though as they did I notice that they all wore the symbol of the zhentarim Nazca must have also notice the symbol because she ripped the throat of the sleeping guard as okkam cleved his way out to hallway, a wave of arrows came fying into the room as we were fighting hitting Alyss and Nazca, Jaelyn move to the window and let out a breath of fog that obscured the view of all of the archers that were position outside; one of the guards in the hallway yelled “my lady it is time” as the doors of the room across from swung open to reveal a woman mage casting at that moment she finished her fireball spell sending into the room we were in most of us found some form of cover Alyss was not so lucky she fell to the floor, a moment later Alyss floated up and we heard what sounded like Ghent say “Hey, guys” as Alyss’s body moved to and out the window and moved upward.Okkam seeing the the mage as the biggest threat ran at her as the guards swung ineffectually at him, as Okkam impaled the mage she let of a wild fireball that went out the window and damaged another building caching it on fire as well. slowly we killed the Zhentarim one by one, okkam was fending off three of them as
a wave of color came from the window causing the Zhentarim to drop their weapons and start to yell nonsensically about eating rainbows, before we could finish them off a new wave of zhentarim who all wore the Zhentarim symbol,one did not. the one who did not was captain Luruk she was the one who was leading the rest, as they ran up the stairs and swarmed us another spray of color came from the window dazing a small group of them one being the leader, Okkam lunged out and bit her grabbing her, in the process of holding her hostage we had her order her men to stand down and drop their weapons. We let them go, all of them ran way and left their town to burn, Ghent and I thought it was wise to look for anything that might be worth taking before the whole town burn down, taking a wagon and some horses as we made our way out of town.
miles away form womford we stopped to make camp for the night I went to Jaelyn to see if he can help me find a companion like Nazca, Jaelyn chuckled as he looked at Nazca then back to me but he agreed to help as we left Ghent shot a bolt of lightning at a tree.

After spending sometime in the wood I came upon a two headed wolf, seeing this did not disturbed me in fact I felt a connection with it; kneeling down and reaching out my hand the wolf slowly walk up to me, they stopped so that both heads can sniff my hand, seeing them up close I can tell only one controls the body, the head that does not has more ruffle fur and hard and wild eyes the other has softer eyes and looks more doglike then wolf. When Jaelyn came closer one head looked at him with no ill will and the other made a low growl ,as I look at them two names came to mind Origo and Finio

The next day we left along the road to we walked we heared loud pounding comeing from up ahaed all of us ran to the trees to hide exsept for ghent who made himself inviable as the sound got closer we saw three frost giants who some how knew we were coming Origo and Finio were the first to charged the giant and almost lost their heads for it Jaelyn turn into his lion form but this time his fur had a metallic like look to it. Alyss chanted something in the direction of Okkam which made him grow to the same size as the giants. As Okkam engaged the giants I made my way around them to get to Origo and Finio who had been knockout Ghent breaking his invisibility sent out a Lightning bolt that took the head off of one of the giants he sent another one at the second giant, Alyss formed a cloud of what looked like glitter at the giants blinding the leader Okkam killed the other giant in the end one of Jaelyn’s summons was the one who killed the giant leader.

At the town of Beliard Jaelyn, Okkam,and I went to the temple of helm to see if we can be healed the priest pored a potion into a blow and then spite into it he then told us to drink Jaelyn was the first as he drank we saw his wounds heal then it was Okkam turn then mine after Jealyn payed the priest 73PP to which the thanked us and offer healing potions in return, Jaelyn and Okkam went back to the inn but I stayed to talk to the priest about helm.

At the Inn Ghent spoke with some merchants who had lost everything to an giant attack, Ghent told them that we killed three of them just a few hours ago at that moment it made the whole Inn cheer as we showed one of the giant’s helm as proof, later we made a deal with the merchant Manthread and Grash to sale some of the loot we have been carrying around with us. later that night Jaelyn had us come with him to a field which he then made a circle out of flowers he then had us stand all around it as he lead Nazca to the middle and then started to tell us about his past of him and his people, of those of the unicorn blood, of the earth-mother, and of Kamerynn of the moonshae islends, at the end he began to cast a spell which turn Nazca into a elfen woman, Jaelyn introduce her as his mate,his wife, the two of them left for the night and returned in the morning as we sent Manthraed and Grash on their way and we made our way to Calling Horns.



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